The one-stop shop
for all your work

Every current, upcoming, or overdue task.
All at once, without changing context.

I connect to any task manager and calendar,
then show you only the relevant stuff.

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How does it work?

Agenda Boss aggregates every task or event into a simple linear list. Connect in one click and we do the rest. Then check your list in the morning, and get in the flow before your first coffee. Take a look a this brief video explainer!

All your tasks in sight

Clear your mind and stay focused so you can perform at your best. No need to go around cobbling things together piece by piece.

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One-click integrations

With one click, we connect to your favorite task tracker, project manager, or calendar system. Then we keep things automatically synced so you can focus on getting excellent results.

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Become distraction-proof

If you are like most people, you have many more things to do than you can possibly achieve. With Agenda Boss you can ignore the noise and focus on what's relevant for you, right now.

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